Libra Product Overview

The Libra product overview provides an overview of the overall process as well as the individual modules integrated in it.

White Paper - Life Cycle Asset Management

Libra Software provides a system that brings together the aspects of operational leveling and controlling, and which can be incorporated into the existing system landscape of the accounting system with considerable added value.

White Paper - Libra Projects

The omnipresence of projects is the result of an economic environment in which companies are increasingly confronted with rapidly changing situations. The dynamics of the framework conditions mean that companies can only cope with an increasing part of their tasks by means of projects.


An order represents the order to a supplier, a certain quantity of articles, at certain conditions and a certain time to deliver to a fixed place.

Libra purchasing services

A service order represents the order to a supplier to provide a service at a specified time at the designated location.

Goods Receipt

The goods receipt is the documentation of the collection of delivered goods and materials. It is divided into two phases. Illustration of the delivery note and the actual goods receipt.

Incoming inspection

A goods receipt check is generated in the invoice check if the quantity delivered differs from the invoice quantity for an invoice.


The invoices, which are sent to the company in paper form or electronically, are recorded in the Libra system and then automatically go through a series of predefined steps in the invoice verification workflow.

Speak work contract work contract speak

To allow the system-based settlement of work contracts within the scope of the audit, an accounting plan is created within the framework of the work contract.