Functional Description FI Connector SAP

The SAP FI Connector synchronizes the data of the Libra System with the data of the external financial account systems. The synchronization works permanently in asynchronous processes and in „real time“. The import includes control data, master data and vouchers. The FI Connector transmits the data in both directions: from Libra System to SAP System and vice versa.

Control Data - Import

The leading system is SAP. The settings for tax rates, accounting years and open booking periods are synchronized in individual intervals.

Master Data - Import

The follwing master data is imported from SAP System:

Suppliers, Addresses, Banks, Bank Accounts, Main Accounts, Document Types, Currencies, Investment Sheets, Cost Centers, Business Areas, Internal Orders

Movement Data - Import

All booking vouchers are imported from the SAP FI System together with its cost assignments being relevant in KER – and investment controlling. The import works permanently asynchronous.

Movement Data - Export

The purchasing documents (invoices, debit nodes) are created in Libra System then allocated and booked in SAP FI System. The accounting in SAP works immediately asynchronous.

Connector Technology

The Connector is responsible for the synchronous and asynchronous exchange of data between different systems on the basis of a transaction-safe messaging.


Control data und master data are imported from the SAP System in individual intervals. The remote monitor translates the data into XML and puts all information into transfer tables. There is a transfer table containing the header information and another one containing the XML offering the possibility to put it into several lines depending on its length. The import monitor polls the header transfer table at suitable intervals, collects the data from the transfer tables and imports it to the Libra System. The ongoing transmission of the movement data is initiated by a message to the remote monitor sent if a booking voucher should be imported. The message contains the voucher number of the booking voucher. Using the number the remote monitor reads out the complete data from the SAP FI System, converts it to XML and puts it into the transfer tables. The import monitor checks the received data and transfers the booking voucher to the Libra System. Independently the remote monitor saves a cost assignment record into the transfer tables that is imported to the Libra System with reference to the booking voucher regardless of the voucher import.


The purchasing documents are booked directly to the SAP System. The booking is initiated synchronous and executed in a seperate process. In case of error a person responsible gets an immediate feedback about the problems that occured. A problem could be a closed accounting period.

Transfer Monitoring

The transfer monitoring application allows the recording and correction of incorrect import data and the reimport of the corrected data.