Our Customers
We want to satisfy our customers. This means you are supposed to be content with our performance starting with the first contact, the consulting, the purchasing, through the installation and utilization of our applications. Thanks are given to:
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Our Environment

Libra applications principally run on all certified Java EE servers, i.e. JBoss (open source), IBM Websphere, Oracle Weblogic, SAP Netweaver (SAP-certified Integration 2005). Thereby, the customer is responsible for purchasing the license and operating the Java EE server.

The applications run with an application server on Windows 2003/2008 or Linux operating system.

As database platforms, users can apply Oracle Database, DB2 or MySQL. DB2 is supported on all IBM platforms. The iSeries (AS/400) is also able to operate highly scaled Libra environments with more than 1,000 users, as long as the machine size is appropriate.

All of the data Libra requires – company code, business year, periodical division, account information, accountings – is located in the Libra database. The Libra connector technology enables the synchronization with the customer system. Libra provides ready-to-use and tested connectors for various financial accounting systems, including SAP ERP and DCW.